Covid 19 Process at Bombay Express

How to have an enjoyable and safe experience at Bombay Express.

1. Arrive on time, If you are Booking your table for 7pm arrive as close to the time as possible to avoid queuing as new bookings arrive for their individual time slots.

2. Before you enter make sure your mask is worn correctly.

3. On arrival you will use the hand sanitiser and your temperature will be taken anything over 38C is a high temperature and you will not be permitted into the restaurant. 

4. Everyone over 16 must track and trace using the QR code via their mobile telephone. Please download the NHS test and trace app before arriving. And scan that once taken to your table.

5. You will be escorted by a member of staff to your table, where you will have a maximum of 1.5 hours to enjoy your dining experience. You will find additional hand sanitiser on your table.

6. To avoid congestion and keeping to social distancing rules once you are in the restaurant stay seated. If you really require a cigarette in that time it is mask on to exit the building and mask on to enter the building again. 

7. Toilets will be a maximum of 1 person at any one time. Anti bacterial hand wash and hand sanitisers will be clearly located in the washrooms and must be used. The toilets will be constantly checked and maintained. 

8. When ready to leave or if you use the washroom facilities you will be required to have your mask on. When leaving we will be aware of your exit and guide you to the exit. 

9. Once you have enjoyed your experience leave us a review and let others know about your great experience with us. 

10. Stay Safe, hands, space, face