About Rehan


Rehan Uddin: A Visionary in the Culinary World

As the CEO and founder of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), Rehan Uddin is a prominent figure in the realm of Asian cuisine. Every week, he connects with over 3,000 Asian restaurants online through the ARON Facebook page, sharing his passion for authentic flavors and exceptional dining experiences. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of Asian culinary traditions, Rehan has built a community dedicated to excellence.


A Global Culinary Expert

Rehan's expertise extends beyond the boundaries of traditional cooking. He proudly serves as the Asian Expert Chef for Rational AG, a renowned global specialist in combi ovens.

A Global Culinary Expert

His contributions to Rational AG span the creation of system settings and programs that have made their way to kitchens around the world. Rehan's innovations have transformed the culinary landscape, ensuring that exceptional dishes grace the tables of restaurants worldwide.

Precision Cooking Pioneer

Indi-Yang stands at the forefront of precision cooking, and it's all thanks to Rehan's pioneering spirit. We are proud to be the home of the first digital tandoori oven, setting new standards in the world of culinary precision. Chefs and restaurant owners from across the UK and beyond flock to Indi-Yang to learn and implement these cutting-edge techniques in their own Asian hospitality businesses. Rehan's dedication to advancing the art of cooking has created a hub for culinary exploration and innovation.